Friday, 14 November 2014

SEBI October 2014

Notification/Circular no. Date Subject Amendment
CIR/IMD/DF/18/2014 October 01, 2014 Master Circular for Mutual Funds In  order to enable the industry and other users to have an access to all the applicable circulars at one place, Master Circular for Mutual Funds has been  prepared. 
No. LAD-NRO/GN/2014-15/15/1671 October 08, 2014 Securities and Exchange Board of India (Stock Brokers and Sub-brokers) (Amendment) Regulations, 2014  SEBI has made the following regulations to amend SEBI (Stock Broker & Sub-Brokers Regulations, 1992.
CIR/IMD/FIIC/19/2014 October 09, 2014  Clarification on Government Debt Investment Limits  The Government debt investment limits have been clarified by the SEBi vide this circular.
CIR/ MIRSD/ 4/ 2014  October 13, 2014 Single registration for Stock Brokers & Clearing Members SEBI has issued guidelines for the purpse of implementing the revised registration requirements.
CIR/MRD/DP/29/2014 October 21, 2014 Modification of client codes of non-institutional trades executed on stock exchanges (All Segments) SEBI had issued circular CIR/DNPD/6/2011 dated July 05, 2011 pertaining to client code modifications of non-institutional trades on stock exchanges. SEBI has partially modified the said circular.
CIR/MRD/DP/30/2014 October 22, 2014 Revision of proprietary position limits of non-bank stock brokers for currency derivatives contracts SEBI has issued the clarification with regard to the proprietary positions limits of stock brokers in the exchange traded currency derivatives contracts.
No. LAD-NRO/GN/2014-15/16/1729 October 28, 2014 Securities and Exchange Board of India (Share Based Employee Benefits) Regulations, 2014 Securities and Exchange Board of India hereby makes the following regulations  to provide for regulation of all schemes by companies for the benefit of their employees involving  dealing in shares, directly or indirectly, with a view to facilitate smooth operation of such  schemes while preventing any possible manipulation and matters connected therewith or  incidental thereto.  SEBI (Employee Stock Option Scheme and Employee Stock Purchase Scheme) Guidelines, 1999 are thereby repealed.

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